Hello Eddy! I greatly appreciate your professional photos for my current home at Banfield Ct. The photos served as a great marketing tool, and sold the property, and we are waiting for the upcoming closing soon.

I can not begin to tell you how many comments I got on the photos you took of our home. (we were overwhelmed with prospects looking at our home, had multiple offers and sold it in 5 days!! The folks that bought our house were prepared to make an offer based upon the photos of our master bath even without visiting our home !!

Eddy’s pictures sell homes, I have proof !

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job Eddy did with the house photography. I thought our house looked great before he got there, and he took that well beyond my expectations. We had an offer in less than a day. Thanks for taking good care of us, and getting these on line so fast. Best Regards.

Thank you so much Eddy! You made our home look like a model home! Thank you for your prompt attention to our request, and the professionalism you have displayed throughout the process.

Eddy, I’m just going to say it, “Your pictures sell houses”.

Thanks Eddy! These pictures are fabulous! Thanks for doing such a great job!

Would like to see this home in person. If it looks like the pictures we would like to buy it cash, we’ll make an offer on it.

You may be the best reason and the quickest way for someone to fall in love and purchase our cherished home.

Thanks for a superb job.

Hey Eddy!! We have a contract on the home, and people have RAVED about your photos. I have given your name to several folks!

Wow…Eddy you’ve out-done yourself.  It looks awesome and better than we ever expected.  Thanks so much for your kind attention to detail.

By the way, our photographs are just fantastic.  We are very happy with the photographer and let him know.

These are absolutely fantastic! I can’t believe it’s our house. Thanks so much! If you have a website you use for customers to post reviews, I’ll be glad to write one! Thanks,

Hi Eddie — I just wanted to share something with you. Our house has been showing like crazy. I got a call from an agent today who wanted to show the house and he told me that he had to know who took the pictures, that they are some of the best he has ever seen. He wanted your contact information! Have a great day!

Hi Eddy – I just wanted to let you know that I got the pictures… and they look absolutely gorgeous. You do fantastic work and I have no problem referring other people to you. I love your pictures. I just wanted to give you that feedback. Thank you so much.

Eddy, The photos are fabulous!

Eddy, I hope you get this e-mail – the photos are super! Thank you so much for doing such a great job and making my house look fabulous! I was stunned! Not only did you do a fantastic job, but you were friendly and were very easy to work with. I felt like an important customer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You sure do good work Eddy.

Your pictures of my condo are extraordinarily fantastic!

Eddy you are a master!

Eddy, Photos were great. Many compliments such as, “Professional job” & “you have a beautiful home”. Thanks again

I just wanted to let you know how pleased both myself and my client were with the photos you took of my listing. The photos were fantastic and the house sold within weeks. Thank you!

Job Well Done – Good Work, Nice Photography – Much Appreciated – Worth the Benjamin

Thanks, Eddy. these are looking awesome in the printwork pieces that I am doing and my team is over the top with your work. See you again for sure!

Eddy – Great job on the photos. You do great work. We really appreciate it.

Eddy you out did yourself. These photos are great. Your pictures in addition to the house being nicely done by the owner is making it possible for us to be under contract in less than 3 days after listing. Thanks for always creating beautiful photography. Thanks so much.

Eddy: I thought I had a picture or two to use vs what you were going to take. Man was I wrong. Your pictures are incredible. I know from my father who is an amateur photographer that lighting is the key. You have that down pat. Thanks for a great job on taking the pics of my home on North Fields Pass.

Eddy, I have had three agents ask me this week who my photographer was.

Very impressive! You did a great job making our home look great! Amazing! Thanks again!

It’s official, I am no longer going to take pictures of listings myself. I’m going to hire you for all my future listings! Beautiful pictures, clients loved them and so do I! Thank you

Eddy these photos are SO GORGEOUS!!!!! Amazing Job!!! Thank you!!

Good evening Eddy, I just love your work. Thank you so much.

Hi Eddy Thank you for your visit, and those fabulous photos. You really know how to transform shabby to sparkling, that is a gift.

Eddy, These photos are absolutely breathtaking!! They make our house look very beautiful. Thanks for a job well done. We are very pleased!!

Thank you Eddy. The photos are excellent. I am very pleased.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures, you always do such a good job!
-Donna Johnson

Thanks Eddy. They are stunning!!!!

Eddy, The photos look awesome! Thank you for doing such a nice job.

Thank you Eddy! You did a beautiful job! It made me wonder who lives in this lovely, large home in looking at your professional photos. Great job!

Eddy, This is just a quick note to say that we could not be happier with the photos you took yesterday. They are amazing! Thank you

Eddy, I am very pleased with the pictures – they look great!

Totally AMAZING photos! You are a genius! I will have a hard time selecting which ones to use!

Awesome Job! Big difference. I’ll plan to use you going forward. Thanks!

Eddy, The photos are beautiful! Thanks so much.

Great photos and bright blue skies and white clouds while you were there as well, great light! Loved it, Eddy thanks!

Wow! Great job, Eddy! These are fantastic… Are they going to replace the MLS ones? These are nice.

Eddy, Photos look absolutely wonderful…You do a wonderful fantastic job! Thank you

Wow, these are AMAZING!! If I ever sell another house, I am calling YOU to take the pictures. Thanks!!

Eddy – I just wanted to tell you that our pictures look amazing!!! Truly amazing! Thank you so much for everything!

Eddy, Your pictures of our home are beautiful!! Having a professional photographer is well worth it. We are very impressed with your work—our home looks great. Thanks

Thank you so much. BTW – the quality of the pictures you just did at Osprey was awesome!

Eddy, these pictures are amazing!! You made our house look so good. Thank you!!


WOW, thank you Eddy, they look amazing!

Eddy, pictures are terrific! You are so good at what you do! Have a great weekend.

Eddy, these pictures are amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!

Eddy The pictures turned out awesome!!!! So worth the expense.

Eddy the pics are just super. You have done a fabulous job!!!

Hello Eddy, Just a note to say thank you for taking such wonderful photos of my home. Also I am selling all my furniture so please spread the word to folks you know. Perhaps someone might be needing furniture etc. Thanks again

Oh gosh Eddy you have done it again. You have taken a $170k unit and made it look like a $350k unit. GREAT WORK.

Thank you! They were fabulous and I uploaded them yesterday. Thanks for braving the cold.

I’m glad I went with the professional photos – these are great! Thank you!

Eddy, The pictures for Tullamore Way look great! My seller said she cried when she saw them.

Dear Eddy, I finally saw your pictures that you did, and I was extremely impressed! Thank you very much for your expertise! You did a great job! My house might sell because of you.

Eddy, These look great! I appreciate your effort on these photos. Best Regards

These look great!! Seller is so happy too with them and I appreciate that you even loaded them to mls. Thank you.

Thank you Eddy. The pictures look great.

Photos look awesome!!!

Eddy just wanted to let you know what a great job you did with your photography, you made the house look even better than it is. Thank you.

Thank You Eddy. The photos are gorgeous!

These turned out awesome, thank you so much.

Eddy the photos really look great. An amazing improvement to the old photos that I had taken – hard to believe it’s the same house!! Thanks so much.

Eddy – got the email w/photos today – AWESOME!.  Great job. Thanks.

Photos look great. Thanks.

Eddy, GREAT JOB on the pictures.  You really made the property stand out.

Thank you the photos and video are great.  You did a great job.

The video is great, the seller loves it! She called it “Surreal”

The pictures turned out nice..good job!!!

We’re very pleased with the tour and photos.

These look amazing!!!!  Thank you so much Eddy and team!!!

Thanks, and thanks for the great pics!

Good Evening Eddy, Thank you for getting this to us so promptly!  We are both very pleased with the video and glad you did it. The pictures are beautiful as well! Everything is very professional!

Excellent Eddy. From one professional to another you have some serious skills.

Thanks, Eddy….it looks GREAT! I’m very pleased with the pictures that you took…thanks!

Really beautiful, Eddy.  What great work!  Thank you.

You are the BEST!!!  Thank you so much for taking care of this in such a timely manner.

Awesome! They look great…as usual! Thanks again!

Awesome, awesome–you’re the best.

Hi Eddy, The tour is wonderful.  Thank you .

Eddy, Great job with our home.

Thank you Eddy. Really like your work

hey Eddy, the pics are awesome….great job!

I have put your name in the hat for an Oscar.  You did a fab job on the Mountain Reserve property.

Hi Eddy, Thanks for the video and photos taken the other day and for uploading them on the website.  We had someone come by today that had seen it on the internet.

Thanks, Eddy; gorgeous pictures!

Eddy, the pictures look better than the house.

Eddy, What a wonderful job you did!  Thank you so much for making our home show so well through your excellent photos and video.  Your experience and expertise are readily apparent in the job well done. We are very pleased with your thoroughly professional job and are sure this will lead to more showings and a sale! Thank you also for the access to the photos and video online. I know my family and friends located in distant places will also be very pleased with being able to visit our home via your photos.

You are a LIFESAVER!!!   Thank you.

I love it!  Thank you so much.  You are very creative.

Thanks Eddy,  You are fast. Hope you have a good weekend also.

Thanks you’re the best.

WOW now that is service.  Thank you.

It was certainly a pleasure meeting you and your pictures made the house look incredible!

Hello Eddy….the virtual tour taken at our home at xxxxx dr., Alpharetta turned out absolutely beautiful.  I don’t want to move now!

Thanks Eddy! The tour looks great!

Thank You so much Eddy!! I really appreciate the great work that you do with the photos

Thanks Eddy – the photos look wonderful!

Excellent job, Eddy!  Tour looks fantastic.

Eddy, Thank you so much.  You’re the best!   Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Much appreciated. It was a joy working with you!

I’m very pleased with the tour and photos.  Excellent work!  I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.

You are the best!  Thanks for your patience. 

Thanks Eddy. Great job. We really like it

GREAT JOB, Eddy!!!!!! Thanks!

Eddy, Just for future reference, do you solely photograph real estate? Or do you do events?  I could tell you knew what you were doing because you made me want to buy my own house!  Absolutely fabulous.  Thank you.

I got the link to the pictures. They look awesome! Thank you!!

Eddy!!!  Thank you for the pictures for xxxx Paulson they are beautiful

Eddy, These look great! I’d like for the #2 picture to be the lead picture, please. Please let me know if you need anything else from my end. Thanks!

Thank you.  Photos look great!

I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!! Great work, Eddy. Thank you!!! Very well done. 🙂

Oh, wow!  They look amazing!!  Thanks so much


Our house is under contract because people saw those beautiful pictures.

The pictures look fantastic! I still can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the photos!

Thanks. Pictures look great.

These look great, thank you so much!

AWESOME AS USUAL and thanks for loading for me! I don’t know what I would do without you!!

The pictures you took looked great!

Pro-Style and beautifully done.  Thank you!!!

The photos are very nice. Thanks.

The pictures are beautiful. I kept watching my email to know when they were ready and this morning it hit me, that you probably just upload to site!  I checked and there they were!! I uploaded some of the pics to Zillow this morning, but what site do I list for the virtual tour there? 
Appreciate your help on this. You are just phenomenal! Thank you, thank you!! 

Thank you!  These pics look so good I want to buy my own place.

Hey Eddy, Good work! Sold in one day. Thanks!! Joe

I absolutely love the photos & video! Great job!! I will certainly refer you & contact you again for my future client listings! Thank you!!

I am beyond impressed by your work and professionalism. I love it !!! Thank you so much. The video turned out fabulous and would really step up my marketing game. I really appreciate your amazing work. The photos turned out fabulous as well. I’m just so excited, I don’t know where to start.. lol ; -)

Looks great, thank you!

Just want to let you know that you are an exceptional fellow. I appreciate you, your ethics, and your talent, I am happy to recommend you if ever that would be helpful.

This may be the best work I’ve ever seen from you. Me and my seller are BEYOND grateful! This is amazing.

Another awesome job. 2 offers on the first day on the market. My sellers love the pictures. If you need any more client testimonials let me know. I would be happy to provide one.

Good Job, looks great. Thanks.

I’m so impressed with your work. The pictures look absolutely awesome – you do such great work.

Thanks Eddy. Pictures were fantastic as always. Home went under contract very quickly.

Thank you Eddy, the shots look amazing. The Dressers

Awesome, they are great! Thanks Eddy.

Thanks so much! They look great!!!

Thank you!  The photos look fantastic!  We are very pleased. …Thanks for the outstanding service.


You are AMAZING!!! We couldn’t be happier! Pictures are fantastic, and walk-through is magical. You’re the best. Thank you!

Thanks so much for doing such a great job!!

Just EXCELLENT work. They and I loved it. Have a wonderful week. (Take today off-LOL)

Eddy The photos look great. Thank you

Hi Eddy, great pictures!

I am looking at the photos. They are absolutely fabulous.

Thank you so much, these pictures are awesome!

Thank you Eddy!  You did an amazing job of brightening the rooms!  I appreciate you!

The photos are great! You are amazing!

The photos are beautiful!!!! Thank you 🙂