Eddy James Home Preparation

It is not necessary for you to do all of these items for photography, but the more that you can do, the better the final product will be.

Front Exterior

  • Remove trash cans, newspapers, portable basketball goals, toys, vehicles from the front of home.
  • Stand on the sidewalk and look at your home and imagine it as a photo. Remove what you don’t like.
  • Remove alarm company signs from flower beds.
  • Remove water hoses stretched across the yard
  • Remove pet droppings
  • Have driveway and walkway power washed.
  • Remove seasonal decorations.
  • Have yard cut and beds weeded, fresh mulch or straw if possible.
  • Add flowers (either potted or planted)
  • Make blinds consistent, open horizontally
  • Remove any debris from roof
  • Close Garage doors

Rear Exterior

  • Remove covers from grill and patio furniture.
  • Put cushions on patio furniture
  • Plant flowers or use flower pots – color is good.
  • Remove ash trays
  • Fresh straw or mulch in beds
  • Remove pet droppings
  • If there is a pool, remove pool sweepers and cleaning items.
  • Remove cover from Jacuzzi
  • Turn on any waterfalls

Living Room

  • Televisions off
  • Hide all gaming equipment
  • Furniture dusted
  • Remove personal photographs
  • Put away remotes
  • Blinds open to horizontal
  • All bulbs work

Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Remove items from counters.
  • Ceiling fans off
  • Pick up pet bowls
  • Clean sinks
  • Shine stainless appliances
  • Remove personal photographs
  • Turn Range Light on
  • All light bulbs work
  • Fresh flowers
  • Place setting on Dining Table
  • Remove personal items from exterior of refrigerator


  • Beds made
  • Children’s toys put away
  • Ceiling fans off
  • All Bulbs work
  • Remove lettering of childrens’ names from walls
  • Closet Doors Closed
  • Blinds open to horizontal


  • Remove products from showers, tubs and bathroom counters.
  • Remove blow dryers, curling irons, razors
  • Remove towels hanging on shower.
  • Remove robes hanging on bathroom door.
  • Potty Lids down
  • Toilet room closed
  • All bulbs work

Areas we do not photograph unless upgraded:

  • We do not shoot garages unless upgraded or special features
  • We do not shoot closets unless the master closet is pristine.
  • Unfinished basements
  • We do not shoot laundry rooms unless pristine or large or upgraded.